whorshiping GOD...the ONE and ONLY...

sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Reverie by Brooke Fraser

I'm having trouble remembering where the lines cross your face
Your smile is fading from memory
Won't you hurry back and fill that space again?
I'm waiting, watching the water, quietly willing the phone to ring
I suspect this healthy silence Will continue a few days yet, a few days yet

I miss you,
I miss you
I'm over now,
 I'm through I miss you

I'm hanging here just reminiscing
 About all the things you said to me
Hoping you plan on returning to interrupt my reverie

You're sweet, sweeter than honey tea
You're precious and worth more than gold to me
I know I acted selfishly
Come on home

I'll beg and plead if you need me to
I'm head over heels over feet for you
Gonna have you wed by the end of this tune Well, I hope...
I miss you,
I miss you
Don't say we're done
We ain't through

i like this song a lot...mostly because the lyrics translate what i'm feeling....

terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

Why you said "I love you"??

03/09/2010 you are like a song....easy to fall in love and...hard to forget. Why did you say "I love you", if you know it ouldn't last?? why it is so hard for me not to think about you? i just want GOD to do HIS will in our lives, even though i might get hurt...I have a lot to write, but...i'm afraid of what's next... DONT YOU PLAY WITH ME BOY, 'cause i dont like it, not at all... talk to me, is it to much to ask fot?? I need to know...i need to hear it, from you...

domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

1º Time...

The first time I saw your face I thought that you would be a great friend, But now I see things so differently, I want to be with you all the time.

sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010

GOD...i need you to hear me!!

09/07/2010 It’s very nice to see in your eyes that you still remember too!! I just know that in real life you make wonder about strange things like “what if…?” I need…GOD I ask you for knowledge, for peace, please my LORD make my heart beat a little bit slower, bless our lives, I also ask for forgiveness ‘cause I have sinned, in the name of JESUS, Amén! My heart is beating like crazy, and my head doesn’t think straight anymore, can you say something?

sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Why you? Why me?

09/07/2010 Why you? Why me? I need some peace and quiet, my stomach screams just when I look at you, once again it seams like yesterday, I don´t know why, but it´s kinda of hard, it´s confuse, my head is speanin’ around, and I don´t know how to make it stop. Nerd...I HATE U <--- dont you ever believe me...when i say that!!

quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010


06/07/2010 I still remember those days when you and I where together, it seems like yesterday, all the conversations that we had, for a long and great time and now WHAT? FRIENDS? Don´t you think that... I don´t know I just want to be able to yell at you every little piece stuck in my thought...I miss you, even thought you are so close to me. My heart is exploding, and my feelings are all mixed, that I can´t even explain, I´m so exhausted, so tired...

terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

My thoughts...from sometime ago...

Time flies away with no reason, the days go away in just a few seconds right in front of me. The moon light goes off in the infinity of the stars. My heart beats and doesn't stop, everyone knows, but there's nothing that makes be believe that tomorrow doesn’t exist anymore and that the yesterday and today raise only in my memory only briefly...let it be, being just my on taken routines. Reality made me, one of many that life betrayed I will apologize for the mistakes that I made to everyone I love…I feel the way fading away and the beat of my heart getting weaker and weaker, and crying to GOD asking HIM to catch me before I fall...I make my voice be silent, in a empty sigh, as if the ceiling fell on my head, and the reason of my sleep was not just a memory that I bring in a simple thought erased by the rain.